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Everyone Loves A Surprise

Monthly Gift Box is a unique monthly subscription club where members receive a random box filled with fun and exciting items each and every month. It could be something you need or something you simply will enjoy. Your Monthly Gift Box may be a cool gadget, rare book, a board game, handmade jewlery, box of gourmet chocolates, video game, kitchen appliance, unique home decor item, electronic gadget, office supply or any other type of friendly item... Your Monthly Gift Box will be a brand new item and will not be used or refurbished.

It's Easy To Get A monthly Surprise

Step 1

Place an order on MonthlyGiftBox.com

Step 2

Wait for your Monthly Gift Box to arrive in the mail.

Step 3

Enjoy your Monthly Surprise!

What Is Monthly Gift Box

We are a Monthly Mystery Gift Box company. We realize how much fun a monthly surprise can be.

Where is my monthly gift box being shipped from?

We are located on the beautiful island of Hawaii. So you may also receive a special gift specifically from Hawaii and exclusive to Hawaii. Sometimes your gift will be an item that can only be obtained here locally from Hawaii. Think of it as an added bonus with a little gift of Aloha.

How Does this work?

It's simple. You place an order for a small or medium sized monthly gift box and we will ship out your monthly gift box via USPS small or medium Priority Mail Flat Rate Box.

What Can I Expect?

It all depends. It's a surprise. But we are sure that you will love the gift! Check our news section for the jackpot surprise of the month. A lucky subscriber will be sent the jackpot monthly surprise.

What Type Of Gift Box Do You Want?

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To Order The Small Monthly Gift Box 

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To Order The Medium Monthly Gift Box

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